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 NEW Faction Charter Revision 1.0

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PostSubject: NEW Faction Charter Revision 1.0   NEW Faction Charter Revision 1.0 I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 29, 2008 9:08 pm

Unity Faction Charter

Unity was originally formed by Zeklor, Tigy , SpiderFrog, AradiaFawn and xFailex. The faction consisted of 5 level 20 characters and was formed for the purposes of like-minded people grouping together and having fun together.

These original members are still with us today and together with new members we continue to prevail as Unity on the Sanctuary Server of Perfect World.

The faction has always held friendship and good sportsmanship as its primary basis for existence, and thrives on unselfish, humorous and helpful interaction amongst its members. This “play nice, play fair” approach is by far the most important aspect of being a Unity member. By cultivating an environment in which people are encouraged to focus on fun and teamwork, Unity aims to get the most out of the game for all its members at all levels.

Unity is not, and will never be, a hardcore Terretory War Faction in the sense of "if you are online you will TW" but in truth we will TW a great deal. With the weekend fixed for purely this purpose of pre-planned faction TWing there is a definite mentality of faction progression. However, anyone who doesn’t play to TW is just as welcome in the faction as those who do.

We are pleased to see players simply socialise and encourage them to squad together to achieve personal goals but equally our members collectively benefit from helping the faction to advance as a whole by way of squading, doing quests for xp and in other ways.

At the core of Unity is a very solid player base of extremely good players with a very positive approach to their gameplay. It is the quality and outlook of each of our many members that makes Unity an excellent faction to be in and a typical Unity member will always wear their faction tag with pride.

Whilst Unity respects all nationalities that play we are an English speaking guild. As such it is an entry requirement that our members must have a good level of communication in the English language.

Main Characters
Each member is allowed one main character. The main character is the one which you will attend TW with and the one who will accrue remuneration through TWing. If a member wishes to change their main they should ask the recruitment officer who will post the request on the officers forum for approval. Note that a member may only change their mains a maximum of once every 6 months.

Recruitment information, including specifics around level requirements and specific "sought after" classes, will be kept up to date on the forum. All prospective new recruits must make an application following the guidance posted, after which they will be contacted in game by our recruitment officer/s.

If their application is successful then the recruit will be invited to the guild and flagged as member (probation).

Probationary period
All new members shall serve a probationary period of no less than two weeks up to a maximum of four. This allows the new member time to demonstrate that their attitude and ability is of value to the guild. Probationary members will be tagged as a 'member (probation)'. This also gives new members the opportunity to meet, group and with Unity members and decide whether they like being a part of Unity.

Members will then be Assigned a Team Leader and will be constantly assessed on their ability to work together in a Squad. During this period the member will hold the Rank of Member and on completion of the Team Course Graduate to the Rank of Full Member. Graduation will be decided by The Faction Team Manager and the members in questions Team Leader. Select Graduates may be approached to become Future Team Leader and those members in quesion have the option of taking up the position or declining. Declining will hold no malice or any bad feeling within the Faction Officers and any Decision to decline will remain confidential.

Members and Full Member will and allways remain classed as equals throuout their membership of the Faction

Alternate Characters
All Members regarless of Rank or position are allowed to have 1 alt if they require. There is no minimum level requirement for alts but if they have not been logged on for 30 days they will be detagged in the monthly clear out.

Split guilding
All members of Unity are expected to be 100% devoted to the guild and their friends within it. Split guilding represents a conflict of interest and thus all alts should either be unguilded or guilded to Unity.

Shared accounts
Unity does not permit the sharing of characters where a character is regularly played by more than one person.

In certain circumstances family members may share an account where each character is played by a separate person. It is understood that in such situations, occasionally it may be necessary for someone to log in on another character that is not their own main (such as a relative or partner's character) to transfer items or for other similar reasons of convenience. However the guild does not officially endorse such action, it is at any player's own risk that they allow someone else to access their account. As such we ask that this will be the exception rather than the rule.

Any guilded character repeatedly played by two or more people will be subject to an investigation that may result in disciplinary action.

Terretory War
Unity has a separate "TW rules" document that can be found within the raids section of the Unity forums. Players looking to apply to join Unity are advised to speak to an officer in game for further details.

All TW will be posted in the guild forums specifying any minimum entry requirements. Members can sign up on the forums.

Voice comms
Unity members have access to a private Ventrilo server for Voice communication in game. Details of how to configure your PC to access the server are available on the guild forums. Whilst use of voicecomms is not mandatory, it is encouraged on raids as it allows the raid leader to manage the raid much more efficiently. On raids Ventrilo users are asked to allow the RL priority to speak.

Whilst faction tradeskillers are encouraged to use their abilities for the benefit of the guild, this is not mandatory. Any tradeskiller who chooses to manufacture items or produce for their guildmates at preferential rates is doing so out of goodwill rather than necessity. Members should always be appreciative of this and must not pester any tradeskiller who chooses not to make items.

Anyone found to be using macros to artificially level up their tradeskiller or adventure level will face disciplinary action.

The guild forums can be found at http://pwi-unity.forumotion.com/

The forums are an ideal place to get to organise groups, sign up for TW's and discuss anything about the faction or game. Members are encouraged to log in regularly to keep up to date with faction news and events and to generally take part in discussions. Any key decisions on faction direction are normally opened up to a poll in the forums before being finalised, giving our members the opportunity to have their say in how the faction works. Note that whilst the forums are not an in-game facility and are not covered by the PWI rules, members must nevertheless use them responsibly and respectfully.

Code of Conduct
Unity is a long-standing, proud and respected guild. You should always uphold its good name and that of its members, including yourself. You are an ambassador to the faction - your behaviour may affect others perception of Unity. Bear this in mind when grouped, or interacting, with others.

The following code of conduct should be strictly followed:

- Adhere to all rules laid down in this charter.

- Play within the PWI (End User Licence Agreement). Unity is an honest guild that cares about its reputation and integrity and does not endorse cheating. Any players who deliberately and habitually use exploits or macros will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

- Treat all players in the game, whether Unity or not, in a manner you would expect to be treated yourself. You are an ambassador of the guild and should therefore behave in the appropriate manner at all times. Any complaints about our members will be taken seriously and investigated.

- Grouping is the lifeblood of the Unity and when LFS you should endeavour to squad with guild mates as much as possible.

- Do not beg for items, money, rezzes etc in faction chat or any other channel for that matter. Maintain your's and the guild's integrity at all times.

- Do not conduct yourself in a way that would negatively reflect on Unity, such as attempting to camp steal or ninja mine nodes when someone is at them already. Such behaviour is extremely antisocial and will not be tolerated.

- If a guild member requires help and you are not busy, please consider whether you are in a position to assist them.

- Conversely, if you require help, do not expect people that are busy to drop their current activity to help you. Do not repeatedly pester players directly into helping you. Ask politely and if they say no respect their decision without trying to pressure them unduly. If you receive no offers for help in guildchat then try again later or try organising the help you need on the guild forums.

- (Limited) Swearing is tolerated within guild chat but try to keep it to a minimum. Repeated use of foul language in an offensive manner may result in disciplinary action.

- Offensive comments including rude, sexist, racist, homophobic or any otherwise inappropriate or prejudicial language will not be tolerated. Such behaviour will result in the guilty person being subject to officer scrutiny and possible disciplinary procedure.

- We do not tolerate any kind of excessive or habitual drama in this guild. Drama includes (but certainly isn't limited to): whining, attention-seeking, temper tantrums, annoying spam, begging, sulking, hate tells etc. What constitutes a drama and what doesn't will be decided on a case by case basis by the officer team.

- Do NOT apply for membership to other guilds while you are still a member of Unity. Any evidence of this shall result in immediate dismissal from Unity.

- Do not use the faction channel as a means to publicly make complaints about any fellow guild members. Contact an officer instead.

Disciplinary Procedures
In the event of a member of the faction breaching the rules of the PWI EULA or any of the guild charter, upon discretion of the officers, procedures to punish/discipline the guilty offended could be commenced as follows:

A decision on whether action is to be taken will be made by the leaders and officers.

If the event happens on a TW, the person will be required to leave the war immediately, so that the war can continue in the appropriate manner.

If the person is found at fault they will be contacted by a designated officer stating that a final warning has been given and the reasons for it. If a member commits a further transgression then the offender will be removed from the guild permanently.

Guild removal is considered a disciplinary procedure of last resort and is normally only necessary where a series of warnings culminating in a final warning, have failed.

Where the urgency or seriousness of a given situation requires it instant guild removal may be necessary. For instance if an active guild member was caught attempting to sell their character for RL cash, this would warrant instant removal. Evidence would be recorded of the inappropriate action and the culprit removed without warning.

Leaving Unity People hopping in and out of the guild is intolerable as is de-guilding over loot or arguments. Therefore leaving the guild is not something members can choose to do without consequence.

When someone leaves the guild under such circumstances they will have their forum access and ventrilo access disabled. Any Dues they have earned will be frozen in case of their return for a maximum of 30 days. After 30 days as a non-member their entry will be deleted from the TW database and any points they have earned will be permanently lost.

Should someone de-guild then wish to rejoin Unity they should approach an officer to discuss this. The officers will then discuss this and return a decision to the former member once a consensus is reached.

Any member deliberately de-guilding who wishes to return will not be retagged for a minimum of one week. If at the end of this cooling-off period they still wish to be re-tagged, with the officers' agreement, they must serve their probation again. During that probation they will be treated as a probationary member in all respects and successful passing of probation is not guaranteed.

Applications for a third membership are unlikely to be approved.


30 day rule
After 30 days of inactivity alts will be kicked. No warning or notice will be given of this. Alts can be re-invited at any time by asking an officer to invite them.

60 day rule
After 60 days of inactivity mains will be kicked. A warning will be sent via PM on the forums at least 1 week before this happens to give people a chance to log in and avoid being kicked.


NEW Faction Charter Revision 1.0 Zek-si10

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NEW Faction Charter Revision 1.0
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